Client Testimonials

I met Brandon when he was first starting out his business well over a decade ago and we had just purchased a new clinic. We inherited a myriad of tech issues and it was greatly affecting our ability to reliably serve customers and do billing. After describing our issues to Brandon, he said “sounds messy” and made me the promise on the spot “if I don’t fix it, I won’t charge you anything”. I figured, what do I have to lose, right? Needless to say he fixed all our issues in less than an hour and has been great to work with ever since. I have trusted him to build two clinics with a full build-out of reliable computers, servers, networking, cameras, POS systems, phone systems, etc. I have always appreciated his responsiveness and trusted his attention to detail, especially when it comes to keeping us up and running reliably and his reports for backups and cyber security. This is not the best part.  The best part is Brandon has proven himself a person of character. Living in a time when it is getting more and more difficult to find honest and reliable, Brandon has never come up short. His integrity, honesty and fairness are the reasons you should look no further.
Shan Hill – Practice Administrator for Barlow Trail Vet Clinic

Brandon was very competent in solving my computer problems and I’m eager to have him come back and follow through with some other unresolved issues. I would highly recommend him! I can sleep so much better at night knowing I can have someone to help me with my tech issues.
Elaine Wilson (Loomis, CA)

I have a tiny part-time business and do not have a lot of interest in learning about technology. Brandon was very helpful in ensuring that my security was adequate to protect my clients. He was also very helpful addressing a variety of random personal tech issues that were pretty straightforward, but that I hadn’t taken the time to figure out. For a reasonable price, he resolved a lot of things that I’d had on my to-do list for a long time. He was patient teaching me what I needed to understand. He is very communicative, and he’s a pleasure to work with.
Carol Lambert – Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Roseville, CA)